Island of love

Malak El Siblani

It is said that what almost killed you makes you stronger. I say, what almost killed you, shaped you into the person you are today.

Lights up the exit roads, Highlights the red flags,

Let the lights shines to Brighten up the edges of the horizon.

May your heart find its way.

Be grateful for the things that passed away.

Miracles arise to be seen within the eyes of our children.

Believe it or not, great things is coming again.

The inner fogs will be shattered away.

Open the gates to our next phase.

Let the old memorial’s fed away.

Tiny House, peacefully family.

Island of love.

The beauty and the beast story is revealed to be real.

Sweet revenge often involved.

Karma is not a word of mouth.

Sweet regards, from another world.

All those darkness alleyways to be with the person you deserve.


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