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Today I choose “live”.

Not by chance but by choice.
I decided to live better than yesterday and to live with opened heart, to attract all the possibilities that are good for me.

Today I’m choosing to listen to my inner voice, not to others random opinions and gossips.

Today I’m choosing my own path towards happiness and high self worth.
It’s to be inspired and motivated by the spirit of love, not to be manipulated by hateful thoughts and emotions.
Today I choose to help others and not to be used by anyone, today I’m willing to offer those who needs healing and comfort the best possible way to heal and help them in achieving their dreams.
Today I’m grounding my bad past self to focus on my positive present and focus on my healthy future instead.
Today I’m in love with everything that surrounds me. Today I’m happy and grateful for everything that I had been through. Today I’m evolving into an amazing human being.
Today I’m full with passion and love.🪷 I’m alive today.


By Malak El Siblani

Journalist and Digital developer

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