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Signs that you are mentally exhausted

  • Easily irritated
  • Feeling unmotivated even when you’re doing things that you usually enjoy
  • Suffering from anxiety or panic attacks
  • Uncomfortable and mood swings
  • Unbalanced sleeping hours, either it takes you hours to fall asleep or your sleep is broken all through the nights.
  • Almost impatient
  • Suffers from Severe
  • Heart syndrome attack
  • Lack of oxygen, difficulty breathing
  • Health issues, poor digestion conditions, low grade stomach ache
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Vision problems and hearing issues

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There is no denying that among the most challenging lessons that human beings are eventually going to have to learn, it’s essential for one to know that not everyone is going to turn out as you initially expected. While at face value, it may seem like you are someone they are very much invested in, the truth may be otherwise.
This is a lesson that you will learn over time as you meet more and more different kinds of people. You have to maintain a strong chin and do not let your ego get the better of you. You should only be willing to fully invest yourself in the people who are also willing to spend as much in you. There is no point in prioritizing a person who doesn’t think that much of you as well.

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We’ve all been through that. We have found ourselves in relationships where there are blatant imbalances in the dynamics of social interaction. We can find ourselves giving and giving, and in the end, we barely get any scraps. We may not even know when we victimize other people in this manner. They may be devoting a lot of time and emotional energy to us even when we don’t think much of them.
The key is to find out early on whether you are a person’s priority or not. If you find that you aren’t, then move on and make any necessary adjustments. If you find that some of these examples listed here apply to you, then you should reassess your relationship now.

Daily Journaling Blog

By Malak El Siblani

Journalist and Digital developer

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