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Let them go

When you love someone you try your best to make them happy, no matter how hard it might take you to find your own happiness with them. It’s all about them. The one thing that makes us crave more is to be loved and be valued. What if their happiness isn’t with you anymore? Would you rather stay to make them suffer? Or you would let them go to keep them safe and happy? Can you blame them? Honestly, no one can.

My dad once told me: “If they really loves you they would make you happy. Are they really happy with themselves to make you happy?”
What hurts most about it, though is to be reminded by what you were told before you chose to be with them, “Don’t you expect them to leave you?”
– Oh Seriously Nuh ! I hadn’t expected them to bring me down to this extent!

Never blame yourself for your failures and your actions. You’re beautiful in your ways. You’re worth every bit of effort that goes into making you feel good about yourself. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about yourself because they are not worth your heart. You have no idea how much you can be loved by the right person. Just letting go is a blessing to you. When a door is closed another door will be opened. Don’t give up on your dreams you are not alone the universe is watching over you to create the best version of yourself.


By Malak El Siblani

Journalist and Digital developer

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