Denmark introduces ban on mink farming over new COVID-19 strain — Covid-19 News Info

Denmark passed a law Monday banning mink breeding for a year, following the country’s controversial cull of all the animals over a mutated strain of the coronavirus, according to reports. The law also contains a provision that if the ban is not respected, the animals will be euthanized, effectively removing a legal challenge that has…

Denmark introduces ban on mink farming over new COVID-19 strain — Covid-19 News Info

As the Seafarer Crisis Continues, MSC Calls for Bulk Carrier Anastasia Resolution

The bulk carrier Anastasia, stuck off the coast of China with crew change request unheeded since mid-2020, has become a rallying…

Anastasia, stuck off the coast of China with crew change request unheeded since mid-2020, has become a rallying point for MSC in urging governments to work together to find a solution.

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company is calling for an urgent crew change solution for the bulk carrier Anastasia, which is stuck off the coast of northern China, and is among dozens of ships in a waiting line near the port of Caofeidian.

According to the company, MSC has repeatedly requested that the seafarers onboard should be relieved to return home to their families. These proposals have not yet been implemented by the chartering parties which determine the ship’s movements. China has prohibited a crew change at Chinese ports due to COVID-19 restrictions and MSC’s mid-December requests for a crew change at anchorage or in Japan, a few days sailing away, have not been carried out.

According to a press release issued by MSC, as the technical operator of the ship, it is concerned for the well-being of these sailors and is in regular contact with them, and with their families ashore, as well as supplying a clinical psychologist for remote support. Many of the crew have been at sea for several months longer than was initially anticipated. After local authorities recently blocked MSC’s attempt to send a doctor to visit the ship in person, the company is currently seeking to remedy this through diplomatic channels.

Requests for Crew Changes
MSC first attempted to change the crew of the Anastasiain Hong Kong in June 2020. A subsequent attempt in early August to change crew in Hong Kong was prohibited due to local authorities’ COVID restrictions. Japanese authorities later in August approved the vessel to berth at Mitusure Island in Japan, but the request was not implemented. During the period August to December, further attempts to permit a crew change in Manila, Hong Kong, Singapore and Busan were also refused, including as recently as December 17, 2020 after MSC suggested a potential deviation to Japan for crew change.

According to the release, MSC is deeply concerned that none of these solutions have worked so far, and MSC, as the technical operator of the ship, cannot simply order the master to deviate to a port for a crew change, as the vessel could be arrested as a result.

MSC reports it has shared information with various authorities and encourages governments to take an interest in forging a solution to this growing humanitarian problem, not only for seafarers onboard the ANASTASIA, but also on dozens of other non-MSC vessels in the area which we understand to be stuck in a similar situation due to trade issues between China and Australia.

Source: As the Seafarer Crisis Continues, MSC Calls for Bulk Carrier Anastasia Resolution


How to Describe Flavours in Latin?

Written by Dyami Millarson

Ever wondered how to express flavours in Classical Latin? If you wish to describe your culinary experiences in Latin, it is definitely relevant to wonder about this.

Food is timeless; a lot has changed in this world since ancient times, but we still need to eat and drink like our ancestors, so it is definitely interesting to think about describing flavours and tastes in ancient languages like Latin.

In this light, I believe that talking about food flavours is essential to the revival of Latin. Talking about food flavours connects us with the Latin speakers and writers of yore.

Here are some adjectives used to describe flavours and tastes in Latin:

Bonus, good.
Malus, bad.
Suāvis, sweet, delicious.
Dulcis, sweet.
Ācer, bitter, sour.
Acerbus, bitter, sour.
Melliculus, honeysweet.
Dēliciōsus, delicious.
Sapidus, tasty.
Conditus, spicy, seasoned.
This list of flavour adjectives is obviously not exhaustive, but it is to give you a very basic idea of how to express flavours and tastes in Latin using adjectives.

Another useful strategy or method used to describe tastes is to compare or relate new tastes and flavours to familiar ones:

(Sīc)ut vīnum, (exactly) like wine.
(Sīc)ut mel, (exactly) like honey.
Ut means as and sīc means so. The use of (sic)ut is similar to the use of (zo)als in Dutch, which means so as literally as well. One may say in Dutch: Het smaakt als honing, it tastes like honey. However, one may also say: Het smaakt zoals honing, it tastes like honey.

One may also use a flavour adjective with such a comparison to create a strengthening effect:

Ācer ut vīnum, sour like wine.
Suāvis ut mel, sweet like honey.
Other expressions to the same effect include: ācer sīcut vīnum as bitter as wine, tam ācer ut vīnum, sīc ācer ut vīnum.

Finally, it is not usual in Classical Latin to employ ‘to taste’ as an impersonal verb as in the Germanic languages, but it is better to express taste with the verb esse to be and the subject of this sentence may be the food item itself, it may be gustus taste, flavour or the subject may be omitted as might be expected in Classical Latin conversations and texts.

One should bear in mind that the form of the adjective changes according to the subject of the sentence and if the subject is omitted such as in the short sentence ācre est, it is bitter, the best first assumption to go by is that the subject is neuter as shown with ‘it’ in the English translation and as indicated with the neuter form ācre that is used instead of ācer in Latin; in other words, both Latin and English employ different strategies to demonstrate that the subject is neuter and in the case of Latin, one needs to heed the adjective and make sure it is neuter when it is supposed to be.

To finish this article on a high note, I would like to share this famous yet appropriate Latin saying: Dē gustibus nōn est disputandum, there is no (point in) disputing about taste. This saying exists in Dutch as: Over smaak valt niet te twisten.


Between the First and the last breath


In novel The Man Who Laughs , Victor Hugo wrote:

“Generations are nothing but bursts of breaths that fade and end. He aspires, and then breathes his last! ”

Victor hugo

New born baby declares his entry to this world by inhaling the air, and he leaves our world when he dies by exhaling the last breath.
In general most of breathing techniques helps in improving lifestyle whereas daily breathing exercises makes the body feel comfortable and healthy.
Correct breathing is able to reduce depression, anxiety andstress to more than 60%. In addition it prevents insomnia, control the feelings, and activate the power of our brain.

To be more specific, breathing is exactly like solar energy to induce relaxation, a source to regulate emotions.

Scientists show that breathing is able to influence both physiological factors (by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system) and psychological factors (by diverting attention from thoughts).

Breathing process is fundamental to life. Immortality, is not only a survival, but also it is used for body and mind to perform their functions, without the ability of surviving, breath couldn’t be controlled. Immortal breath is a process to improve well-being.

Taoist religion in China for example and the Hindu religion was concerned about “vital principle” A type of energy or internal respiration, flows through the body. The Chinese call this energy Qi, and Hindus call it “Prana” – one of the basic concepts of Yoga. Both religions considered breathing as one of the manifestations of this principle.

Where in the West, the Greek term “pneuma” and the Hebrew term “narrated” by Rûah were used to refer to breath and divine existence, and in Latin languages, the word “Spiritus” represents the linguistic root of the two English words “Spirit” and “Respiration”. Respiration.

So many advices appeared to control the breathing process that affect both health and mind. Yoga for instant is a treatment based on controlling the breathing status. (Pranayama) was the first doctrine to develop a theory that says: “controlling breathing is a way to extend life.”
Yoga and meditation were the inspiration for many of the breathing exercises used today, and many centuries ago, practitioners of breath-control yoga (Pranayama) were the first to provide a theoretical conception of the benefits of breathing control, centuries ago.

In the modern era, during the 1920s, German psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schultz developed “self-training” as a method of relaxation, and this method is based in part on slow and deep breathing, and it is still probably the best breathing method known today in the West to achieve relaxation, and contemporary forms From “Mindfulness meditation” stresses the importance of breathing exercises.

In fact, all methods of relaxation, calmness, or meditation depend on breathing, which is the least common denominator in all methods used to calm the body and mind. In addition, research conducted on the fundamentals of physiology and the implications of applying respiratory control techniques supports the importance and value of monitoring and regulating The processes of inhalation and exhalation.

Impact on the mind
Understanding the principles of physiology helps explain the ability of breathing control to induce relaxation.
Everyone knows that emotions affect the body. When you are happy – for example – the corners of your mouth automatically open and the edges of your eyes shrink in a distinctive expression of happiness, and likewise, when a person feels Calm and secure, or feel at ease, or when he participates in a joyful social interaction, his breathing tends to be slower and deeper, at these times a person is under the influence of the parasympathetic nervous system, which produces a relaxing effect, and conversely, when a person feels fear, pain or Tension or discomfort, his breathing accelerates and becomes shorter, and then the sympathetic nervous system is activated, which is responsible for the body’s various reactions to stress, and what many do not know is that these effects arise in the opposite direction as well, that is, the state of the body in turn affects feelings, and studies have proven that When a face smiles, the brain reacts similarly, and then one sensesSensations more pleasant, breathing specifically, has magical power and special effect on the mind.

This effect is evidence of patients who suffer from breathing problems, when these difficulties are sporadic and severe that may cause panic attacks, and when they are chronic, they often cause a state of silent anxiety. It is estimated that more than 60% of people with COPD suffer from disease anxiety or depressive disorders, and these disorders are often due, in part, to concerns about the consequences of the disease.
However, purely mechanical factors may also play a role; The difficulties these patients experience often lead them to breathe faster, which does not necessarily improve the quality of the oxygen supply they receive, but it may worsen their feelings of anxiety and physical discomfort.

Rapid breathing may contribute to panic attacks, and it may even make them more dangerous by entering a vicious circle. Fear causes an increase in the speed of breathing, and an increase in the speed of breathing causes an increase in fear.

Whether the anxiety stems from breathing problems or other causes, it can be alleviated through a number of breathing techniques that are based in essence on traditional oriental techniques
For example, the “follow-up breathing” exercise, which focuses attention on breathing, is one of the first steps in mindfulness meditation, while reciprocal breathing between nostrils is a technique derived from yoga.

(Sophrology), a method that focuses on achieving harmony between body and mind and employs exercises used in many other techniques, including yoga and mindfulness meditation.

Overall, research shows that these methods lead to a reduction in pathological anxiety, although this anxiety does not disappear completely, so breathing is a better tool and not a cure for all diseases, and while clinical studies have confirmed the validity of some methods, some other methods have not been confirmed.
Yet, all of the techniques we cover in this article apply proven principles that aim to slow, facilitate, or deepen breathing, and use breathing as a fulcrum or a rhythmic pendulum to divert attention from negative thoughts.
given the feeling of discomfort and distress that we all frequently experience in our daily lives, and the negative consequences of this feeling on our health, we would all be better off if we focus regularly on the way we breathe, starting with short periods of calm, conscious breathing several times. During the day , breathing works like solar energy in the way that induces a feeling of relaxation, it is a free way to regulate emotions, an inexhaustible and easy-to-use way that you can turn to whenever you want.

In fact, I am surprised that breathing control is not among the techniques that are recommended to be used and practiced more broadly, perhaps because it seems a simple, familiar and clear method to a large degree that does not allow it as a type of treatment, and many may assume – given the complications they face in their dealings with The ups and downs of human life – simple solutions may not be effective.
When is the best time to use slow breathing techniques?

Perhaps the sacred aura that surrounds the process of breathing and its connection to life, and even death in particular, frightens us.
Not only do breathing techniques work for severe stress or sleep problems, but they can also help relieve chronic anxiety, and are especially effective for people who have mental disorders, such as phobias, depression…
At the end of the day, we as human beings do not like the idea that we are nothing but “bursts of breath.”

ثلاثية الأبعاد

VR vvertual reality

حياة ثلاثية الأبعاد

ايها الحاضرون على مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي أهلا بكم على كوكب زحل. الرجاء من الجميع وضع القناع الثلاثي وارتداء القفزات والإستعداد للإقلاع.
مشكل حقيقي هذا الذي نمر به دون أن ندرك ابعاد ما نقوم به بشكل يومي. هواجس اللايكات والفولورز والتعليقات باتت هواجس صغيرة مقارنة بالهاجس الأدسم منه اي وهو حياة الزيف او
Vertual life which is known as vertual reality VR

الكذبة الحقيقية.
هل جربت ان تقف يومآ امام المرآة محدقا بتفاصيل خطوط وجهك؟ بعكفة خصرك بتفاصيلك تفصيلا دقيقا. هل تمعنت كم جار الزمان عليك وقلت له ربي ارجعوني؟
نعم امام المرآة واقعا بتفاصيل خائبة. حقيقة غير مزيفة. اما ان تقتنع بنفسك وشكلك فتقبل المرآة واما ان تخترق جدارها العازل فتترك أشيائك المبعثرة عالقة بداخلها.
كلما زادت الكسور زادت الإنعكاسات والشخصيات و بات تلاشيك مبعثرٌ في كل زاوية
ولكن هل تأملت بنفسك جيدا لترى شخصيتك الحقيقة، هل وقفت أمام نفسك لترى حقيقتك؟ لترى أنك مثلك مثل الآخرين وانك غير مختلف عن احد في شئ؟ هل وجدت احزانك وهواجسك وفرحك؟ هل فيها َشئ من لذة الحياة بعيدا عن جمعة العائلة؟
إن لا تبتسم طوال الوقت، وانت محني الظهر خافض الرأس، فاقد أعصابك في معظم الأحيان، لسبب انك تعيش داخل الموبيل او اللابتوت وغير راض عن ذاتك معتبرا ان حياتك ليست مثالية. كم تحاول أن تُظهر مثالية شخصيتك كل يوم؟ كم تتصارع من الداخل مع خارجك حتى تثبت للزيف انك غير مزيف؟
اصبحت لا تكفي أطفالك حتى باتوا غير هادئين و غير مطيعين، تحاول ان تتبع النظام النباتي ولكن انت تحب اكل اللحوم. تعيش ايامك كأنك الإنسان الملياردير الذي يشاركه الجميع حياته الواهمة، وانت في الحقيقة لا تستطيع ان تؤمن رغيف خبزك حتى تذهب لتأكل بالمطاعم الكبرى، ولا يمكتك ان تختار ملابسك من الماركات العالمية، وأن حذاءك الأخير الذي اقنتيته حاولت توفير ثمنه لمدة تجاوزت السنة لكي تأخذ صورة به وتنشرها لتدخل في دوامة اللايكات والكومنتي والشيرز.

اكثر الناس ليسوا واعون بخطورة ما يجري، خاصة فيما يختص بحالة البناء الذاتي، حيث يعمل العديد من البشر على خلق عالم خاص بهم، حياة افتراضية غير واقعية تتشكل من سلسلة علاقات افتراضية لا تربطهم بهم إلا لايك أو كومانت أو شير.
وفي خضم هذه الزوبعة تنشأ حالة الإنفصام الذاتي تتناسى حقيقتك وحقيقة من حولك. تهمل أولويات واقعية وتنسى أن لنفسك عليك حق، ولا تعترف ولا تقر أنك تدمر تركيبتك الشخصية. وانك تعمل جاهدا للارتقاء من الحياة العادية المعقولة إلى حياة الكذب الإلكتروني العالم الافتراضي الذي يتسم بالمثالية المزيفة.

ان تعيش في جلباب غيرك، ان تقلد غيرك ان تكون سطحيا، ان تغتر بالمظاهر الخداعة، ان تترك الناس تهرول وراءك لكي تقلدك تقليدا أعمى وتتبنى نفس نظام حياتك على حساب نفسيتها وأسرتها ومحيطها… اشياء مقززة اليس كذلك؟
بينما ان تكن حاضرا على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي بذكاء، تنشر ما يمكن أن يفيد غيرك ويوعيه ويخدمه، ان تحافظ على شخصك واسمك ومكانتك والأهم على خصوصيتك ولا تحول حياتك لكتاب مفتوح يطلع عليه الجميع. فمن قال ان من حق الجميع الاتطلاع على امورك الخاصة؟ ومن اثبت انه بإمكانك ان تمنحهم الحق المباشر في أن ينتقدوك ويلوموك وأن يعتبروا أنفسهم أوصياء عليك؟
المتتبع لا يحتاج أن يعرف شكل غرفة نومك أو شكل مطبخك أو ما تأكل وتشرب. كما لا يحتاج أن يعرف عن علاقتك ولا مكان منزلك واين تقيم وتذهب. لا يحق لأي متتبع أن يعرف من أنت لأن ذالك لن يضيف شيئ في حياته.

كن كما ينبغي، كما يجب ان تكون كإنسان محترم. حافظ على تركيبتك النفسية، لا تضخم الأنا الذاتية في داخلك، حافظ على حقيقتك بذاتك، حاول ان تترك أثرا إيجابيا بعيدا عن السطحية والمثالية المزيفة.
لا تقع في مستنقع الهواجس الإلكترونية.
كن انت كما أنت. فجميعنا على هذه الأرض و جميعنا نعيش على سطح هذا الكويكب البائس.
كن واقعيا وكفى.


How to save our planet


Without diversity the world won’t work. Diversity equal stability and stability is all what we want.

Let’s stop this struggle and create the new future together. Let’s try to change the world and save our planet by regaining balance of nature. Together we can reduce the impact of pollutions.

As humans we should provide a healthy and affordable solutions for all types of environmental problems.

It’s time to manage the future of our new generation 💜🌍🌏🌎💜

How to save the planet

It’s simple.

Sir David Attenborough explains how humans can take charge of our future and save our planet.

  • What is Our Planet?
A Netflix original documentary series and groundbreaking collaboration between WWF, Netflix and Silverback Films, Our Planet showcases the world's natural wonders, iconic species and wildlife spectacles that still remain. We're all a part of this amazing planet, but we're changing it like never before. Discover the story of the one place we all call.
Watch Our Planet on Netflix:…

بين القلم واغتيال الكلمات

للكلمة ثمن…

Freedom of speech

كم من الجثث استلقت على هذه الارض وكم من اشخاص علقت مشانقها بين الارض والسماء وكم من الارواح صعدت. فبقيت احلام المتفائل معلقة على لوائح المهاجرين.

لكن نحن بقينا هنا، حاولنا…ومازلنا.
نحن اصحاب الاحلام المنسية في بقاع الوطن. نحن الاعداد المجهولة في صفحة كتاب بلا عنوان في وطن سلب منا جميع حقوقنا الإنسانية.
مازلنا قابعون في زوايا حكايات المجد المركونة في داخلنا. لا احد يسمع صرخات القهر التي تسكن قلوبنا.
نحن المنسيُّون بلا كتفٍ ولا سند. مكتئبون نجلسُ على حافةِ العمر، نحتسي اخر فنخان قهوة مرة، ننظر نحو السماء من خلف قضبان النافذة في عتمة الليل بانتظار وطن. نحن اصحاب الكلمة المستهدفة من الجميع. الفئة المقموعة والممنوعة من إلقاء حتى كلمة.

ايها الساجدون على سجاد الصلاة في الغروب كيف يحيا الصباح والنور في وجدان الأمة النائمة؟

Angel Siblani

أيّها العالم الخلفي نحن اصبحنا خلفكم بأشواط، نحنُ الذين نُسينا هنا، خلف الجدار الفاصل بين الله وعباده.
فليشهدَ اللهُ أنه لم تصبنا لعنة الضعف أبداً.

واللهِ انا كنا كالحجارة َالثابتة، كالشوك المالح وكالصخر الصلب. وما كنا لينا كريح دافئة الا لنحمل الوعي. علنا نحيا بهذا اللين. كنا نسير ونركض في الشوارع الخالية نصرخ ونردد اغنية الحب والحرية لننشر الفرح في قلوب اليائسين.

فليشهد الله انا كنا اطيب من ان نجرح احد واهدأ من ان يلقى بنا في سرداب المدينة التائهة.
كانت قلوبنا ثابتة تسير بعين الله، صابرة على مصائبها. حتى اصبحنا ننتشل جثث اطفالنا واجساد اصدقاء الدرب المدهوسة في اطراف الشوارع.

لقد كنا هناك في أكثرِ الاوطان اخضراراً، حباً وترابطاً ،نغفو بلا أذى ،ونصحو على صدى الحرية.
وطن هي امي، منفاي وملاجئي. فأينما حللتُ حلّتْ معي. امسك يدها وتمسك بي، تدور بي في الحقل المزهر فيطير فستاني الذي حيكته بيديها، تزرع على وجهي الضحكة وفي قلبي الأمل وازرع على نهديها الامان وابني من عينها مرقدي والسلام.
احتلنا الظلام فجأة وحجب ضوء الشمس.
كنّا هناك نحيا بالحب، لا نكرهُ ولا نُكرَه، لا نقتلُ ولا نُقتَل ونبغضُ الشرَّ ونأمل بالعافية، حتى نما مِن أَعماقِ ارضنا السوداءِ سَرطانٌ مُظلِمٌ يُقالُ عنه الفساد. كان يحتّل ابنية الحُبِّ بأسلحةِ الكُره يشعل النار في زرعنا ثم يزرع الشر في أرض بور قاحلة. لقد سرق اثارنا وتراثنا. كما ضحكتنا وفرحنا.

مضينا نتخبط، نسابقُ الزمنَ لِكي نبقى هنا كي نشهد شروق الشمس من خلف الكواليس، نرفض ان يفرض علينا الغروب.
لا ندري كيف يُزرع في رصاص الغدر زهر، كيف نبدل بنادق القهر والذل الى رحمة واسعة. ولا ندري إن كان مَن يأتي ليقرأ بعض كلماتنا سيتفهم ويتقبل منا ويعذر يأسنا.

دفعنا ثمن كلمة الحق ثمنا باهظا. فليشهد من يقرأ ظلال الاحرف المقموعة اننا كنا نحارب الظلم بقلم حر لا ينتسب الى أحد ولا يطمح بربوبية التبعية ابدا فنال الظالم منا.
انتصرنا على الريح لكن العواصف اغتالت حريتنا ولم يبقى لنا ما نحيا به في وطن دهس بنعليه على قلمنا وشتت احلامنا وشرذم كلماتنا

فـ هاجرنا كما وطن هذا الوطن… لكن قلوبنا مازالت قابعة خلف نوافذ الحرية تترقب شروق الشمس ونترقب بكلماتنا زوال الظلم عسى ان تتحقق احلامنا.
حتماً.. القاتل يرعبه الفكر الحر