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The Time Has Come

Trust the process and believe that the universe is guiding you to the right direction. Your soul knows the path forward, whereas your mind will keep holding you back. Let go of all the dark thoughts.

Focus and breathe.
All the darkness will push you to the edge but you won’t lost your path. Trust that the lightness is coming along and forever.

It will guide you to the next phase to align your goals and purposes. Stay awaken to allow this light to flow through you.
You’re going to survive this storm, when you get to understand yourself better, it’s when you start thinking about your potentials and capabilities that you’re able to build. You will learn how to be more efficient at managing your time. You are safe, confident and able to move forward. It’s when you open your heart and start feeling peace in your soul that you’re ready to let go of all your fears and begin your healing process. As you recognize the importance of love you will provide love to your inner child and build a peaceful relationship with your past.
All the pain will fade away. You will heal and you will be strong enough to let go of all what broken you. You’ll be wiser, happier and full with passion and strength.
You deserve to be loved and respected, you deserve to live in peace. Find your spiritual tools that serve you well and start practicing them constantly. Step into your inner circle and explore your truth.
The time has come.


Lebanon: Environmental leaders corporations

When we think of the Middle East, as Lebanese we often met with a harsh juxtaposition between seemingly endless riches from the oil industry and the harsh brutality of conflict and war.
Lebanese people have been arrested in their economic crisis.
They forget the beautiful nature hiding between the sea and sand.
I choose Lebanon because it’s simply my land, my country, that I want to spot the light on the way I hope to see it, clean and green without pollution.

Leaders and environmental issues in Lebanon

The real issue with the COVID-19 lab leak theory? The US isn’t spying on China like it used to — Covid-19 News Info

Where did the coronavirus come from? WASHINGTON – As U.S. intelligence agencies scramble to determine the origin of COVID-19, the scarcity of CIA spy networks on the ground in China could prevent them from cracking whether Beijing is covering up an accidental leak of the virus from a government research lab in Wuhan. Some of…

The real issue with the COVID-19 lab leak theory? The US isn’t spying on China like it used to — Covid-19 News Info

Chile, Israel and the problem with vaccinations | DW News — Covid-19 News Info

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Chile, Israel and the problem with vaccinations | DW News — Covid-19 News Info

Covid19 vaccination

Ten people — all women — experienced the potentially deadly allergic reaction after receiving their first dose of the shot, with nine cases reported within 15 minutes of vaccination.That statistic was out of more than 4 million doses administered between Dec. 21 and Jan. 10 and equates to 2.5 cases per million doses given, or 1 case per 400,000 doses, the agency said.Nine of those who fell ill had a history of allergies or allergic reactions, including five who had a previous history of anaphylaxis.Among the eight people with follow-up information available, all had recovered or been discharged.No anaphylaxis-related deaths were reportedMore women than men have received the first dose of Moderna — which could explain the unusual finding that all 10 patients who had an anaphylactic reaction were women, the CDC explained.The reaction requires immediate treatment, typically a shot of epinephrine. If left untreated, it can be deadly. A total of 1,266 patients receiving their first Moderna dose experienced “adverse events,” such as a rash or respiratory problems, the agency said.In December, a health care worker in Alaska was hospitalized after receiving the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine and experiencing an anaphylactic reaction — which has also been reported in the UK.“A strong female predominance of anaphylaxis case reports exists for both vaccines,” the CDC noted in its Friday report.“Finally, many persons experiencing anaphylaxis after receiving either vaccine had a history of allergies or allergic reactions, with several having experienced an anaphylaxis episode in the past.”

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🔴 DW News Live: Breaking news and in-depth analysis from around the world — Covid-19 News Info

Climate Action


It’s not about how folks narrowed down the edge of the high risk of climate war in the past decades.

Beyond time and space

Climate change is one of the biggest global threats to all living beings health. It’s a very common that many people do not know how this crisis can control their life time.
Climate change is worst issue that counts over the health life of the new generations. To be clear, if actions are taken lightly then it may save the life of some newly born babies that will suffer from hundreds of chronic diseases in their future.
droughts, fires, the death of animal and plant species, floods from rivers and lakes, and the destruction of the food chain and economic resources, especially in developing countries.
For example in the rate of rainfall lead to crop failure and increase in food prices, is thr cause of food insecurity and food deprivation for the poor, which may destroy the livelihoods, increasing migration worldwide, crimes and conflicts, imal addition it can also play a role in curbing opportunities for children and young people.
Talking about climate change from time to time is like a boosting for our humanity as well as a way to spot the fact behind the dangerous threats that also effects the world economy and kill thousands of people in poor areas that suffers and urgently require higher standards to support their needs and maintain a real local food programs especially during the covid19 infection and it’s effects on life in general.
Climate change is a limitless global challenge and combating that requires coordinated action by all countries, and many people do not know what that means, either because of unreliable sources or deliberate wrong information, which led to a series of myths about Climate change.
Heat waves, cold waves, forest fires, droughts, river floods, coastal floods, and storms are all around the world nowadays.
All studies have shown that climate effects are dangerous than Coronavirus disease and its worse than any other pandemic. Most studies shows that gas emissions and other pollutions played a role in changing the environmental life cycle.
Due to severe weather conditions The number of deaths due to is willing to increase from 3 thousand people annually between 1981- 2010, to 152 thousand people annually, during the period between 2071- 2100.
Would you imagine the future life without lights because of the high level of polluted air and environment?
Global warming is a natural process by which the atmosphere retains some of the sun’s heat, allowing the Earth to maintain the conditions necessary to host life, and without the effect of global warming, the average temperature of the planet would be -180 ° C.
The problem is that daily human activities increase the effect of global warming, which is causing the planet to warm up even further. The biggest threat to the environment and the planet’s biodiversity in the coming decades is the increase in the rates of climate change, due to the accumulation of greenhouse gases generated by humans in the atmosphere, and human population growth can overwhelm efforts to combat climate change.
If the necessary efforts are not made to combat the problem, heat waves will cause 99 percent of weather related deaths, studies show that the climate change would kill up to 152,000 people in Europe annually by 2100.
According to Unicef Approximately 785 million people lack basic water services. By 2040, 600 million children are expected to live in areas where water demand exceeds the available resources. Without action now, climate change will exacerbate the inequality that children already face, and future generations will suffer.
It’s time to take action…