Today in climate change (6 May 2022)

Please find below links to recent climate change news… Net zero by 2050 will hit a major timing problem technology can’t solve. We need to talk about cutting consumption Rising risk: How the NZ coast will be transformed Green infrastructure helps cities with climate change. So why isn’t there more of it? Why […] #wordpress

Today in climate change (6 May 2022)

My best books list for #vegan and #eco-friendly living #wordpress

My best books list below for vegan and eco-friendly living is a selection of my favourite titles so far. Books offer us an invitation to … The post …

My best books list for vegan and eco-friendly living

Isn’t It Time You Were Working on Climate Already? #wordpress #climatechange

My face when I first heard the Thwaites news 😱🙀 I rang in last new year with a post, “The First Climate Decade“, that included this line: “…

Isn’t It Time You Were Working on Climate Already?
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آن الأوان

“كل من عليها فان ويبقى وجه ربك ذو الجلال والإكرام.”

ستزول عروشكم التي تكدست حجارتها فوق المجاري والمستنقعات.

ستزول مصانعكم التي اغتصبت البيئة.

ستزول منازلكم التي شيّدت ادراجها فوق مقابر الأشجار والغابات.

آن الاوان لتنطفئ لعنة انواركم النفطية التي تقام لأجلها المعادلات والتصفيات والحروب.

آن لنور الشمس الذي لا يفنى ان شاء الله وتبارك نوره الأعظم ان يخلص العالم من ظلمكم وظلامكم.

آن للعالم ان يُبصر النور الحقيقي.آن لهذه الأرض ان تفتح شرقها وغربها.

آن للشمس بأنوارها السبع، ان تشع قسطا وسلاما وعدلا بعدما ملئت ارضها ظلماً وظلاماً وجور.

ستهدم جميع ابتكاراتكم المزيفة ويبقى النور الأعظم.


What’s the gas industry so afraid of?

America’s buildings account for nearly 40% of national energy consumption and today too much of that energy is produced from the direct combustion of fossil fuels in our homes. Environment America Research & Policy Center and our 501(c)(4) sister organization Environment America are engaged in a research-driven effort to build public support for building electrification, the next frontier on the journey to a renewable energy future.


Electric buildings would slash pollution and lower costs


According to Environment America Research & Policy Center and the U.S. PIRG Education Fund’s new report, Electric Buildings, electrifying most of our country’s homes and businesses by 2050 could cut global warming pollution by about 306 million metric tons in 2050. That is the equivalent of removing from the road about 65 million of today’s cars—three times the number of cars and trucks in Texas.


Some of that averted pollution would be removed from inside our buildings. Gas-powered stoves, a staple in many American kitchens, produce air pollution inside our homes, every time we light a burner. In fact, gas stoves alone may be exposing tens of millions of Americans to levels of indoor air pollution that would be illegal outdoors. This type of air pollution is linked to respiratory illness, heart attack, stroke, cancer and mental health problems. Replacing our gas stoves with electric induction cooktops, the new favorite of a growing number of famous chefs, would both remove indoor air pollution and dramatically increase energy efficiency.

Cars off the road

Source: What’s the gas industry so afraid of?


Cutting methane gas ‘crucial for climate fight

Reducing emissions of methane gas is vital for tackling climate change in the short-term, a major

UN Report

Methane is produced when living things decompose; it’s also in natural gas.It persists for just a short time in the atmosphere – unlike carbon dioxide – but methane is a much more potent global warming gas than CO2.

The report says “urgent steps” are necessary in order to reduce methane if global warming is to be kept within a limit laid down in the Paris deal.

The 1.5C target is regarded as the gateway to “dangerous” warming, where the planet could experience serious adverse effects of climate change

CNN News

There is little scope for technical solutions, it concludes, so the effort needs to be focused on reducing food waste and loss, improving livestock management and encouraging consumers to adopt what the report calls “healthier diets” – those with a lower meat and dairy content.


Voters Care About Affordable Energy, Not Climate Change — Climate Change Dispatch #climatechange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction

Over the last week or so, some House Republicans have made it clear that they want to “do something” about climate change. That is both bad and not surprising news. In a world in which millions of people worldwide die from a pandemic, and hundreds die from blackouts in the world’s richest nation, it’s tough…

Voters Care About Affordable Energy, Not Climate Change — Climate Change Dispatch