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Let them go

Let their toxicity go. Blow their negativity away.

At the beginning it will hurt. It will bother you and make you feel bad about yourself as if you’re going to die. Panic attacks and depression will consume your body, anxiety will burn your brain down to a level where you can’t control your emotions anymore. Laying on your bed, hugging your pillow trying desperately to sleep but numbness all what you can feel. Body aches hands shaking, headache, chest aching, throat sore, stomach burning and all that because their time came to an end in your life chapter.

It’s important to learn and understand how much pain they cause to you. It’s necessary to let them go even if you want them to stay with you forever.


It hurts to an extent that it will leave you crying till you fall asleep. Nose blocking, puffy eyes. Heartbreak is inevitable when it comes to those who were your everything. It’s kind of hurt that leaves you unable to see the truth that you were an option in their life. It’s a kind of pain that will never leaves you alone, it will follows you everywhere, to remind you of their toxic words and their poisonous actions.
But of the things that you have to learn is that you can’t expect them to love you back the same way you did. The way you love them doesn’t determine their way they are going to love you back. It’s not the goodbye that hurts the most rather than training your mind to stop thinking about them, it’s how can you imagine your life without them. In fact they can move forward without you even. The moment they took the decision to leave is when they had already give up on you.

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