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You Deserve Peace

When you face a problem with your beloved people, try to solve the situation with passion, try to make it as simple as possible, and most importantly, keep on trying until it becomes too heavyweight.
Give excuses to them till you see yourself stupid.
It’s fine to neglect the red flags to let them freak out about the fact you don’t want to lose them.
It’s okay to keep fighting for them until they hurt you badly.
But remember that, it’s worth fighting against anyone but yourself. You deserve peace and happiness too.

Whenever the relationship starts to get worse and toxic, run away and never return until you heal from their traumatic experiences. Your job is not to heal them but rather to create a positive environment for your self.
It’s important to focus on your inner peace instead, relax and calm down. What is meant for you will always be there for you.

So when you decide to leave, leave without looking back until then …

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The Time Has Come

Trust the process and believe that the universe is guiding you to the right direction. Your soul knows the path forward, whereas your mind will keep holding you back. Let go of all the dark thoughts.

Focus and breathe.
All the darkness will push you to the edge but you won’t lost your path. Trust that the lightness is coming along and forever.

It will guide you to the next phase to align your goals and purposes. Stay awaken to allow this light to flow through you.
You’re going to survive this storm, when you get to understand yourself better, it’s when you start thinking about your potentials and capabilities that you’re able to build. You will learn how to be more efficient at managing your time. You are safe, confident and able to move forward. It’s when you open your heart and start feeling peace in your soul that you’re ready to let go of all your fears and begin your healing process. As you recognize the importance of love you will provide love to your inner child and build a peaceful relationship with your past.
All the pain will fade away. You will heal and you will be strong enough to let go of all what broken you. You’ll be wiser, happier and full with passion and strength.
You deserve to be loved and respected, you deserve to live in peace. Find your spiritual tools that serve you well and start practicing them constantly. Step into your inner circle and explore your truth.
The time has come.

Poem Social life

Inner voice

Cosmopolitan 📍

Today I choose “live”.

Not by chance but by choice.
I decided to live better than yesterday and to live with opened heart, to attract all the possibilities that are good for me.

Today I’m choosing to listen to my inner voice, not to others random opinions and gossips.

Today I’m choosing my own path towards happiness and high self worth.
It’s to be inspired and motivated by the spirit of love, not to be manipulated by hateful thoughts and emotions.
Today I choose to help others and not to be used by anyone, today I’m willing to offer those who needs healing and comfort the best possible way to heal and help them in achieving their dreams.
Today I’m grounding my bad past self to focus on my positive present and focus on my healthy future instead.
Today I’m in love with everything that surrounds me. Today I’m happy and grateful for everything that I had been through. Today I’m evolving into an amazing human being.
Today I’m full with passion and love.🪷 I’m alive today.


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