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Law of Attraction

The universe is perfect and so you are.

Love yourself first to be able to love others. Every thing is moving in cycles, it’s not mutual or linear movements. Everything in this world is moving in cyclical patterns. Your energy is the reason why everything is moving and changing also it’s your energy that keeps things stable without being moved. Keep attracting so that you don’t get stuck in your place.

When you sacrifice emotionally for others, you will never be a good person. In fact, it sounds like “There’s not enough to go around, so I’ll have to give up part of myself.”

Your action is great and full of love, but putting yourself last, the more the universe will bring to you in situations to continue doing so.
The more you sacrifice on yourself the more you’ll be sacrificed by others. You gain nothing, only loss of your own self.

It’s not selfishness. The most beautiful thing in life is to let others smile and feel comfortable. But What if you made them satisfied but you are unable to be satisfied. You will suffer, because you are unable to make progress on your goals. Helping others is good, but don’t do it at heavy expense to your own life, don’t ever let others be a priority in your life, or else you’re telling the universe you will do it without love. You will do it right if you think about yourself as priority, as soon as you can be satisfied with what you’re achieving and enjoy your passion and getting the best revenues from your business or your career that allows you to grow and develop in a way that you are able to help your family or your friends at the same time then you’ll get into the highest levels of success in all aspects of life. Where the attraction comes into your life as a gift from the universe because you’re attracting love from the world that surrounds you.

If you and your family are mourning the passing of your younger brother, you will be able to use your all emotional power to comfort your family. But what about you? Your whole family will be filled with your love, and you will be left to suffer alone forever. Because you’re sending signals out that you are willing to emotionally suffer, so you will continue to be placed in positions where you will continue to suffer for the same circumstances and results.

The moment you get to love yourself is when you put yourself in positions of strength and power, where you are able to make what you believe in and what you love. Destiny has no boundaries when it comes to self love. Be in control of yourself in order to keep yourself growing. Be thankful for what you have and keep evolving.


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