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Kinda love being like

Until then all I knew before he entered my life was a toxic kind of love.
Draining, selfishness, difficult and painful.
He was different.
Kinda like mutual flaming souls.
Something that makes me feel home.
It’s psychotic love, passionately admiring my heart peace, much more than warmth and familiarity to honesty but bullshits trustworthiness…
It’s much more than stability and safety
It is meant to be!

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Social life

Healing Journey


They left their toys,
their home, and their old life.
They carried on their backs, only the absolute necessities.
They looked to their dreams. Their mouths were emty with hunger.
But filled with their mother tongue.
She counted the hours on her fingertips again and again.
And finally she made it.
In her new country.
She neither knows the language,
nor the culture.
She tried hard to fit in.
She learned English.
Her school colleagues kept asking her why she was there.
She was alone and she watched them while they played on the playground. After a while she began to forget her hometown.
While in her home, her family insisted she always remain a foreigner,
She never belongs to a new place.
She was a little refugee
She was born in war
She was at war with her family.
She became a warrior…

Healing Journey cover