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  • Flawsome
    After a heavy storm.
    The Wind blows up and
    Fade away.
    Stillness of a dark soul.
    Freezing mist
    Grey clouds.
    The rains falls on my shallow face,
    A chaotic calmness resonate.
    Desperately, the sun rises above my horizon,
    Warm breeze murmurs down “Hush!”
    whispers to me:
    “calm down, calm down.”
Poem Social life

She was by Malak Siblani


One of her kind.
Elegant mind,
Classy, Crazy,
so sweetheart,
Harsh and cruel,
all together at one time.
50% savage 50% kind.
Direct, so much Complicated
Yet Beautiful but Wild.
I would love her forever
but I wasn’t the only one.

Malak El Siblani
Social life

The Devastating End Of Childhood

Suffering Makes Us Resilient

chapter 1

Home Sweet Home

“I grew up in London, and although the political and religious tensions that my parents had fled continued to exist in our new home, they strives to make the most of their new lives. We were all very fortunate to be able to find a safe and stable home, and I was able to learn and grow in a very different environment than the one in which I had been born. I’m one of the refugees children who migrated with their parents to the United Kingdom in 1998. My parents were fleeing political and religious persecution, and they hoped to find a better life in the UK.

It was a difficult journey, but they were determined to make the best of their new home. We were raised in a family where women and girls are treated unfairly and oppressed. A six-year-old girl can be killed by our parents if she rebels and breaks the rules of her community. This often happens when the girl exhibits signs of being defiant or disobedient. Parents may use physical violence, threats, or isolation to control their daughter. If the girl is caught breaking rules, she may be punished with a beating.


Excerpt From

Child Marriage – The Devastating End Of Childhood

Malak El Siblani

This material may be protected by copyright.

Social life

كنت سأحبها

كنت ساحبها…
هل هناك ورش لصناعة ذاكرة جديدة؟
ذاكرة نظيفة لا غبار عليها.
ذاكرة خالية من الكافيين
حياة حلوة.
ذاكرة لا تشبه مرارة قهوتي.
مثلي مثل ذلك البرواز الفارغ
الذي يسند الحائط
كيف إني تركته وحيدا
مثلما تركتها؟
مر عليه زمن طويل و هو على نفس الحال
لم يمل و لم ييأس
دون صورة تحتضن فراغه
او تؤنس وحدته و وحدتنا
المعلقة بين البلدين.
كلانا على حالنا بين هنا وهناك
قلبي و انا وهي
كيف حالنا؟
كيف حال قلبي هناك؟
و كيف حالي أنا هنا؟
اليوم بالذات قررت
ان اطلق سراح حبة الهال الغارقة
في قعر فنجان القهوة
حاولت انقاذها بطرف الملعقة النحاسية
حاولت انتشالها
لكن دوامة التفل كانت تلتف حولها
تعانقها بشدة
تأبى إفلاتها وتغرقها
بينما انا على هذه الحال
بين الإبحار والغرقان
قررت ان اعتزل فن الكافيين.
واستقبل عيناها
كنت سأحبها رغمًا عني
وما أحببتها
او ربما جذبني غرورها نحوي
او كنت اريد الفرار من غفلتي
كأن العالم كان ساكنًا
عندما رأيتها للتو
ما كنت لأدرك اني أضعف كل مرة امامها
رغم انها لم تكن تعنيني
لقد اتيت اليها بعد هزيمة فاضحة
بوجه نال حظه من الكدمات
شعرت بشجاعة حقيقية عندما عانقت كفها
لأول مرة رغم انها لا تعنني
منذ زمن بعيد جدا
كانت وكنت
وما كان عندي قلب بعد!
اذكر في اليوم الأول يومها
تركت قهوتي على حافة الشرفة لتبرد
لم ارد على الهاتف
وضعت يدي في جيبي
وتركتها تنتظر على الهاتف لساعات
لم ادرك انه كان هناك فرصة تمر امامي
لم ادرك أني
كنت سأبحث عن تفاصيلها في كل مكان
كنت سأحبها رغم الالف علة فيها
كنت سأحبها رغما عن مليون عيبًا فيها
ولكن غلّبني القلق وغروري حينها.
قد كنت اعشق غيرها الفا
ولكن هناك فراغًا ما ملئته امرأة مثلها قطعًا
أجزم رغما عني
كنت سأحبها
رغم انني لم أكن الوحيد.
على اي حال مرت ومررت بها
واخذتني الرعشة حين التقيتها مجددًا.
كما تركتها
امرأة غريبة الأطوار
ممزوجة بالجنون والبراءة وبرودة القلب
متعجرفة قوية متسلطة حنونة
لينة جريئة منذفعة حساسة
كيف يمكن ان تتأقلم مع كل شيء
رغم العناق الحاد في عينيها
كانت خيبتها اقسى من كلامها
مضت دون كلام
مضت بغير عائق،
ورغمًا عني
نسيت يدي عالقة في يدها
كنت سأحبها رغما عنها
لكنها مضت

One Day

No matter what
I’ll always try my best.
There are things 
I can’t explain. 
I’ve no idea how to start
there’s somethings hidden 
Unable to express 
Not sure if I can understand 
I know 
it’s difficult 
to get rid of all my negative vibes
that makes me down 
anxious and depressed
Speechless most of the time 
But at least I try
I try even more 
Because I know 
Things will get better 
One day 
Sometimes I feel like my best
Isn’t good enough
I beat myself each time 
When I can’t offers help 
For someone I don’t know 
Because I can’t accept the reality 
And move on 
Always rebellious and tired of all
The bad things that’s 
centered around
I’m not perfect 
I also made mistakes 
But I believe 
things will get better
One day 
I have grown not to accept the reality
To be honest 
Human nature 
After all 
To keep my head up 
To smile
And move on
Even though there’s 
Hurt and pain underneath 
But I know
It always gets better
One day
There are people that 
I think about most of the time 
Who are no more present in 
My life
Due to choices made by themselves
Ongoing persuasions by others
Or because it was my fault 
I moved on 
Because I know 
Keeping distances
Is a great choice 
After all I know 
Things will gets better
One day
Let it out
How did I fall so low!
Why does silly things makes me upset!
So sensitive about many things around 
Any small action crumbles me down
Let it out
Things will gets better 
No matter what
It’ll gets better 
One day
Social life

ثمة أشياء

واننا لن ننال رغيف الحياة
ان لم نُطحن كـ قمحها

مررنا بجانب بعض دون لقاء
كانت تفصلنا مسافة مقدارها ذراعًا وسنوات.
ثمة أشياء لا نستطيع اخفاؤها ابدا
مهما حاولنا تجاهلها.
لا يمكننا وأدها…
تلك ندوب الروح
دائمًا واضحة.

واصبحتُ على قناعة اليوم:

  • اننا ما كرهنا احد الا بقدر حبنا له
  • الموت ليس خسارة على اي حال
  • لقد ماتت الاحداث مع من مضى
  • لبسنا السواد على تاريخنا البائس
  • اصبحت قلوبنا مقابر للذين مضوا
  • وتبقى الرصاصة رحيمة
    بقتل ضحيتها مهما كان
    ورحمة الخطيئة بتحررها تُحرر مرتكبيها،
    مهما كانت قاسية…

Social life


1 in 3 students worldwide has been the victim of bullying, which can have serious impacts on children’s mental health.
Learn more about the risks of school violence and how you can help.


Many have given you tips on how to deal with bullies. Some advices you to ignore then so they will stop their bullying.

Stop bullying

In fact, they won’t stop, they’ll try to chase you and made fun of you and challenge you until you give up. After a while you’ll start to feel uncomfortable and you may lose your self esteem and confidence. They’ll try to harm you and destroys your spirituality. 

Others advices you to face them. But how can you protect your self during this process?

In reality, dealing with this kind of people is somehow hard. You have to keep in mind first that these people are sick, and you have to deal with them according to their mental illness.

Second, you will be revolved around each other on the same field, this may increase your fears.

If someone hits you, should you  revenge and respond?

You may have searched in the library or online for self-development books to get useful answers after you became an adult. These books include tips on the importance of staying calm. 

So “Be assertive but not hostile.”

This may be a good advice, but applying it, is not easy. Everyone try to gives you different kinds of advices but nothing is working as you think it should be done. Because everyone can see the case from his own perspective. It could be true that all the advices that you’ve heard be right and wrong at the same time. All of these strategies can work depending on on every single person case. But not all strategies work for the same case.

Instead of looking at the details, remember one rule: You won’t beat the bully with the same weapon. Remember that you are dealing with a person who suffers from mental disorders. These people need help from a mental health professional like a counselor, social worker, psychiatrist, or psychologist. So that’s what you need to do: “break the old dominant pattern by doing something unexpected.” Just use your “mind” and think logical.

Here are some true things about bullies: Keep in mind that most bullies have no idea about normal social emotions like guilt, empathy, compassion, or remorse.

  • Aggressive bully, might make fun of you to your face or physically hurt you. 
  • quiet and sneaky bully might try to manipulate in secret.
  • Friendly but fake bully might pretend to be friendly but they’ll try to hurt you whenever you turn your back.

In most cases there are common tips that may help which considered stable and never change.

Ignorance, Walk away. The most important part in bullies mental dimension is that they all feel satisfied when they get a reaction. But If you walk away or ignore them, their brain will receive a direct message from your side that tells them in an indirect way that 

“You don’t care.”

Hold your head high Your Body language can still help in such situations where you’re able send a message through your body that “You’re not vulnerable.”

Don’t fight them. You’re more likely to be hurt and get into trouble if you fight a bully. Work out your anger “ Delete their messages and “Never reply with anger”

Talk to the bully. Point out that their behavior is serious and harmful. This can work well

Confidence Confidence Respond to the bully verbally or through your behavior. Practice feeling good about yourself even if you have to fake it “at first”.

Talk about it. It may help to talk to a guidance counselor — anyone who can give you the support to reduce the fears and frustrations..

Whatever you face, You don’t have to dwell on your emotions or constantly talk about how you feel. Emotional awareness simply means recognizing, respecting, and accepting your feelings as they happen. Just try to manage it logically by knowing their weakness points.